I needed a break.

As you all have probably figured it out, my heart just hasn’t been into blogging lately. I do still have two reviews to complete so I’ll need to get those up ASAP, but I’m just not so sure this is my ‘place’ anymore. I’ve been having doubts about keeping up with the blog, but the idea of actually letting it all go is just…well….scary! I have so many memories on this blog & when I look back, I see so much joy & honest truth in it.

But, right now, in this moment of my life, I’m finding my passion is elsewhere.

It lies within my family & growing my Shaklee business. To be honest I even get a little nervous about thinking of my future with Shaklee. If you would have asked me a year ago if I’d be making my own business with it, I would have probably laughed at you. I am just enjoying this new journey at this moment. I think the nervousness comes from the idea of *possibly* going back to the classroom one day, wondering how I’d be able to juggle a full time job, a Shaklee business AND my family! I know, I’m getting totally ahead of myself, but this is what I do. I plan.

So yeah. That’s where I am.

As far as any updates for us….

The girls will be 19 months in like 2 weeks. They are hilarious and so very naughty….but naughty in the most adorable way ever. Cohen is going to be 5 next week going on 15. I swear that kid has a teenager brain in his little body. He and I have had some major battles lately, I’m constantly trying to remind myself of his joyous qualities. Lucas, my little gem, is doing great! His speech is improving and he has really started to come out of his shell, sometimes following in big brother’s footsteps which isn’t so great, but we’re working on it.



parrott kids

Hubs and I are doing well. We have some big decisions to make,  so we’ve been having to do lots of praying for God’s hand in this decision. If you’re the praying kind, I’d love your prayers as well. More info to come when we know more.

The weight loss journey is pretty stagnant. I’m at my “goal weight” {yeah!} and so I have had no motivation to actually work out {bad!} & tone up. I know. Totally crazy that I was really into fitness just 6 months ago but then the winter came and I just went “blah”. I did order the T25 work out DVD’s but didn’t realize I had ordered the wrong ones…ugh…so now I’m going to send those back and order the RIGHT ones. This way I won’t have any excuses to not work out…I can do 25 minutes and I paid for it so I better use it!


That pretty much sums it up. I know I’ve been MIA from reading your blogs too, so if you could leave me a link to a recent post or your blog I’ll totally head over and read it because I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!

PS. The two reviews I have coming up are Native American Nutritionals essential oils & HorseFeathers wrap bracelet.





I have no blogging motivation people. None. Maybe it’s because I feel like something needs to give between being a Mom to 4 kids, keeping the house standing, feeding said children & husband, taking care of myself AND having a blog, design business AND Shaklee business. I’m currently in the middle of a new blog… 

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11 months later.

I still can’t believe my journey has been over a year long now!! If I would have known that it would have taken this long, I would have probably been really discouraged, but honestly this year flew by and I feel like I didn’t deprive myself of things that I still loved. Yes I am… 

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17 months old – The Twins

When did this happen?! I seriously feel like just yesterday they were still “baby”, but this weekend I feel like it all changed. I had the girls out back in the beautiful sunshine and tears started streaming down my face. They were dolled up in their coral jean jackets, embroidered jeans & little tee-tiny shoes…. 

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the momma bird vlog

Are Essential Oils really “essential”?

Just some of my random thoughts on essential oils. I personally do use them, but not in a way some people do. Oh, and you can see in my sleepy state I’m not accurate in one of my statements. I said that your body was made of vitamins/minerals which is not true. Your body NEEDS… 

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