I Might Lose My Mind

Oh Cohen. You are showing those terrible two’s today in full force.
You have been screaming in your room for almost an hour now.
Nothing will calm you.
All because I asked you to say sorry.
Most days you will say sorry – but the times when you refuse – It’s an all out war.
In your mind you shouldn’t have to say sorry for throwing the fit because you didn’t get what you wanted.
But in my mind I see that stubborn gene passed down by both your Daddy & I.
Wow – oh – Wow
It will probably take you another hour to calm down.
Until then, I will keep my distance.
Because when you behave like this I lose my mind.
I lose my temper and yell – scream – throw a fit – just like you.
So, until you’re calm, I will be downstairs, praying that you calm down and get a grip.



  1. Sarah says

    I so know what you mean. I would like to say by 3 1/2 it gets better but it doesn't. I have a temper too so I know he gets it from me… good luck momma.

  2. mama marchand says

    OH, it's so hard … N is only 19 months old but she's already showing her strong will. I wonder where she gets that from? 😉 Hang in there, mama. Praying you have a better rest of your day!

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