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If you follow me on Facebook you saw that I lost my blog today. It has been down since my morning – while all you lovely American’s were sleeping I was busy on the phone with FatCow.
As you can see, I am LUCKY that I have all my content still and it’s because I BACKED UP MY SITE!!!!!! Seriously. If you haven’t done it before – DO IT NOW!

Okay, back to our series…we have a sweet bloggy friend Nikki with us today and she’s sharing how to stay inspired! She has some great tips so read on my ladies – read on!

Hey there Momma Bird readers! My name is Nikki and I blog over at†SuperNoVa Mom. I write about a lot of random things such as parenting, crafting, cooking, baking, etc. I hope you all stop by after I blow your minds with some healthy living inspiration. Oh, Iím also a freelance writer for Pure Matters so Iím pretty much just always writing. So, a big thank you to Michelle for letting me ramble over here! Letís get started.

Itís been almost three weeks since 2012 started and you began to tackle your resolutions. Three long weeks of working out and eating healthy. Maybe you want to give up or maybe you already have. Well, raise your chin high and lace up those shoes, because Iím here to give you some inspiration to keep you going the distance or to get you back on track.

1. Switch up your playlist. Listening to the same songs every time you workout can get boring. Try downloading some new music that makes you want to shake your booty. Because I donít like to spend money on songs I just listen to my Pandora iPhone app. They have great options for workout music that make me want to go the extra mile (literally) in the gym.

2. Start journaling. Write down everything you eat and drink, plus what kind of activity you did that day (Try using the app Lose It”). Also, write down a few thoughts at the end of the day about how you feel and maybe how you can change a few things. You donít have to journal forever, but it will really show you how quickly calories add up or where your weaknesses lie. Iíve started to realize that if I want a glass of wine in the evening I have to forgo my dessert. Wine = dessert!

3. Reward yourself! But not with food. When you hit a milestone shop for new workout clothes or get a massage. Do something that will make you feel good. Eating a giant bowl of ice cream is rewarding in the moment, but I guarantee you wonít feel that great once itís gone.

4. Remember that you are not perfect. There are going to be days you canít get to the gym or days you ate a little more than you wanted to. ďOh man, that mac and cheese was supposed to be for the kids!Ē Own it and move on. Tell yourself youíll just try harder tomorrow. We all have our moments! No, I did not just open the freezer and take a bite of that frozen buttercream.

5. Be happy. Think of how good you feel when youíre eating right and getting exercise. Itís one of the best feelings in the world and your body loves you for it. Yeah, there are some jiggly places, but when you look in the mirror you feel pretty damn good. Plus, the fact that your jeans are a bit looser will put a pep in your step the whole day!

If you feel as though you canít find inspiration in any of the ways I mentioned above talk to a friend or a loved one. The people that love you will always root for you. Maybe they will even be your gym buddy!

Just remember, the hardest part is putting on your shoes. Once you do that youíre halfway there!

Thanks again to Michelle for having me! Let me know how everything is going with your workout/healthy eating routines. I hope to see yíall over in my neck of the interwebz:†SuperNoVa Mom

Thank you Nikki!!! Great tips for sure!!!

Now for an update on my progress:
Food: I’ve been eating well still, I give myself some grace on the weekends but still rocking in!
Water: I’ve been bad bad bad about this. I need to get back to what I suggested last week and DO IT!
Exercise: Again, I’ve been bad. I’ve been doing my sit-ups and pushups but no cardio. Naughty Michelle.
Mental: Going well! Except for a minor freak out this morning when my site went down.
Weight Loss: Started at 129, weigh-in today at 126! Whoohoo!

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