1. says

    OH my gosh – the BEST way to start my morning! Seriously funny.

    Okay – we must be laundry twins or something. Wash – yes. Dry – yes. Fold and put away? Heck no! That’s a waste of time! (Okay, so I made it a goal for 2012 to get the laundry folded and put away more times than not – but that was ONLY because my husband griped too many times about finding a v-neck undershirt when he needs one.)

    “Like a freakin’ cat” – your expression is a little scary. Like, don’t cross me, you might die – or wish you did, kind of scary. Kind of like the look I give if my sleep is interrupted.

    Black dogs – they’re the best. Seriously love them. And we lucked out with one who doesn’t shed. Yep, you can hate me now. I’ve gotten used to that.

    Okay so now that my comment is officially to the “creepy stalker” length – I’ll finish up.

    Have a good week!

  2. Heather says

    Hey There, love the whiskers, hehehe….I seem to get longish hairs under my chin…closer to my neck…what…I swear you finally get over the pimples and now you get hair in oddish places…Really!?1? But I am blessed to be a natural blonde so I don’t worry too much about them;) When I was a teen….I hated doing dishes, now that I am a Mom of 3 it is definately the laundry that is my worst nightmare….I am NEVER caught up=( oh well my Hubbie always says ….job security, babe…ha I could choke him sometimes. Have a good day!! H

  3. Ashley @ says

    Ok you seriously cracked me up this whole time. I looooved it. I’m
    So glad you linked up. And it DID make me feel
    Better that there are moms like me who aren’t perfect haha

  4. says

    Ha ha ha….you are hilarious! :) So glad you linked up today! I love how real and honest you are! It’s so refreshing!! :) Nice to meet you Michelle!

  5. Jenny@ADropintheBucket says

    Oh girl. Whiskers and mustache here too. I am that “dishwater” blonde, but all that hair? Brown. And my eyebrows? Uncontrollable. And I haven’t been to get my hair cut/eyebrows waxed since Thanksgiving. Oops. Vacuuming? For the birds…well, except you. haha. Okay, I just made myself laugh. I’m a dork. Our TV? On all day too. Same thing though…kids usually end up getting bored with it and playing on their own. And THANK YOU for telling us that. Makes me feel much better.

  6. Michelle Lubbers says

    I was Born with a mustache, seriously. I don’t know when I first realized I had one-but it’s been there 4-ev-er. I probably had it back in high school already. I wax my upper lip and tweeze my chin all the time! How exciting that we have those things in common, oh, that and not putting away clean laundry or showering before noon somedays. =)

    Cheers to the mommas!

  7. says

    OMG your vlog was HILARIOUS. I love it. You remind me of one of my closest friends. I, too, am nearing 30 (ok I still have a year and a half.. but tell that to my aching back!) and have recently been plagued with a single hair on the chin. And I tell ya, that thing grows FAST. And THICK. So annoying. It’s funny because I seriously considered blogging about it today but ended up getting rid of it instead. Maybe next time. Love your vlog!

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