A little Faint

Well, today started out pretty normal for me. Woke up, did some design work then headed upstairs to get ready for my OB Orientation. Which by the way, can I pause for a moment and say is SO stupid. I mean COME ON – I have 2 kids already – I know the ropes people, do you really have to tell me about pregnancy symptoms, how to relieve them and what to expect from the appointments. I’m not an idiot, I clearly remember. Okay, I digress. After the appointment I was sent over to Labs to get my blood drawn. I walk in and they tell me that they are going to take 9 vials of blood.


Have I mentioned to you all that I’m only 4’11.5”?! And that I’m 8wks pregnant?! And that I can only eat small amounts at a time?!

9 vials people. 9.

So, I sit down and look away, as I always do when I get blood drawn. I just can’t seem to ever look. He’s taking the blood, and taking the blood, he tells me he’s half way done. I’m feeling a tad squeamish but shrug it off. Then he tells me there are only 3 more vials to go. My stomach starts to turn. I’m going to throw up. And then it sorta went like this…

me: i am going to throw up. you need to get the trashcan.

lab guy: okay, only a few more left.

me: no, seriously, i’m going to throw up, you need to get it now.

lab guy: here it is.

me: ::dry heaves:: ::sit back::  ::feeling the earmuffs come over me::

me: okay, i’m going to pass out and throw up. you need to stop.

lab guy: only a couple more to go.

me: no, i’m telling you, i’m going to pass out and throw up. you need to stop. ::the world is closing in on me:: ::start to go limp::

lab guy: yells to the lab tech in the back – “SHE’S GOING! I’m pushing the button!”

me: ::slumped in chair::

lab guy & tech: Ma’am we’re going to lay you down on the bed now.

me: ok

me: ::opens eyes:: oh, hi Dr. B.

Dr.B: hey there. how you doin michelle?

me: oh, you know, not so great. ::sees all the people in the room:: hello everyone. i’m glad i can be your form of entertainment for the day.

people in room: ::laugh::

Then it was all questions about what I had eaten that day, how far along I am, if morning sickness is normal for my pregnancies, being accused of having 2 babies intend of one, getting in trouble for not having a water bottle on me at all times, eating some crackers, drinking some water, having the doctor massage my hands bc they were cramped so bad that I couldn’t even move them, elevating my feet 90 degrees up in the air, feeling tingly all over.

You get the idea.

I was a hot mess. Literally. I was sweating on top of all of this.

I guess I can write this one down for the book

s of fun times in pregnancy.

On the plus side, I looked super cute for all of this. I curled my hair and wore my new VintageWannaBee headband! So, at least I had that going for me :) Thanks Nichelle!!


  1. says

    Oh girl, sorry this happened to you! I feel the same way when I have labs done! I always wonder why the techs don’t move a little faster when I warn them of vomit and fainting! Glad you made it out okay!

  2. says

    OH NO!!! Okay. In all honesty – I was cracking up. But also um, that’s not good. Take care of yourself (in case the doctor didn’t get that across.) Glad you’re okay now and kudos for looking super cute and fainting all at the same time. Until now I though that only happened in the movies. :)

  3. says

    Oh no! The lady who takes my blood at my doctors office always makes me eat afterwards.. normally my baby doctor appointments were in the mornings and she knows I don’t eat before like.. 1pm. Luckily, I’ve always been okay afterwards. I still know that feeling, I get that feeling when I get piercings. YUCKY. Glad you’re okay though.

    Your pictures always make me laugh and smile :)

  4. says

    OH.. being me.. I would have pulled the needle out of my arm. Or just yelled at him GET THAT THING OUT. Next time, you should probably do that :p

  5. says

    I’ve fainted exactly once in my life… at the hospital and I smacked my head off the admitting desk. If you ever want to know the whole story I’d be happy to share it. But I know that comepletely freaky feeling that comes just before and the after when you come to. Soooo not fun. But hey! You were looking a heck of a lot better than I did. :)

  6. Desirae R says

    Ugh that sucks. This happened to me with my second pregnancy, but I passed out right after.

  7. says

    OH NO!!!!!!! Girl that is NOT a good day for SURE!!! And what is up with that tech??? What a dingbat!!! UGH! Goodness gracious its a good thing you didn’t hit your head on the floor and do some damage!!! EEK! Glad you are ok!!!

  8. Michelle Lubbers says

    Boy, am I glad you were all dolled up. How tragic for you if that wouldn’t have been the case, heehee. A beautiful hot mess is nothing to be embarrassed about. I am certainly glad you didn’t hit the floor on this one.

    Michelle My Belle

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