I’m Alive!

Hello everyone! As many of you know I just traveled from London to Miami on Sunday and I’m finally feeling back to normal. Here’s a little recap of the last few days…

Up at 530am. Got ready, got the kiddos ready, headed to the airport at 630am. Got to the airport, got through security. Security took forever since they were testing the kids fruit juices – so I had to run to the transport that took me to my gate. I run to my gate and I am the LAST ONE TO GET ON THE FREAKING PLANE. Plane ride was PERFECT! The kiddos were fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for them to be any better – SERIOUSLY.
We arrived at the airport in Miami, the airline didn’t put the stroller under the plane so I had to carry Lucas and drag Cohen through customs until we got to baggage. While waiting for my baggage I hear my name called over the intercom – what’s that – Oh yes, they left our carseats in London, but no worries – they would arrive at 730pm tonight (it’s now 3pm and we have a 2.5hr drive home). How lovely huh?! Oh, I still don’t have my stroller from the plane either and at this point Cohen hasn’t taken a nap all day and Lucas only had an hour nap and it’s now their bedtime England time.  Their solution – go to walmart and buy some new ones. So I said – “Umm, how am I supposed to GET to walmart if I don’t have a carseat?!” So, we did it 50’s style and just strapped the kids in with us in the backseat. Terrible I know, but what the heck else were we going to do?
Then we start driving home, after about 20 minutes I start to feel like I’m going to be sick. I keep trying to talk myself out of it, you know how it goes – no, you are NOT going to be sick, you are fine, just stop thinking about it. Well, I ended up having my father-in-law pull over to some office complex and I puked all over. It was awful. I went from looking normal to looking like death. We got back in the car & headed on the road again. About an hour later, I had him pull over again to a gas station and I had at it. It was awful. I ended up not getting sick the rest of the day – thankfully. We all went to bed at 8pm local time which is 12am England time.

What a glorious day! We were up around 5am (10am England time) My mother-in-law woke up with us because she was too excited to sleep. The boys played with her a few hours, then we went out on a walk. The boys were SO excited to be outside. After our walk we came back to the house and played a bit.

Uncle Mark came over to play with the boys and he braved that freezing pool so the boys could get in. They loved it. After the pool while the boys were napping I went out on the Kayak in the inlet. It was so relaxing – LOVED it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going on that bad boy everyday if I can.

Later after naps, we grilled some burgers and then went out to the beach. The boys were in HEAVEN. I thought for sure Cohen would freak since the last time we went to the ocean he did, but he loved it. They were both trying to get all the way in the water – Lucas actually did bc a wave knocked him over. I let him fall bc I thought it would scare him and he wouldn’t try to get in all the way again – WRONG. That kid is my daredevil.

After our beach walk the boys had a bath and went to bed. It was a LONG full – fun day.

Tuesday & Wednesday:
Cohen throwing up all morning. Lucas having it out the back end all day. Mommy and Mother-in-law trying to keep them happy.
The next day I wake up to the toilet at 5am. I was friends with the toilet until about 3pm. I was so weak I couldn’t leave the floor. Nothing stayed down. Shoot, my spit was coming up every 20 minutes at the end! I ended up taking my Zofran and I was able to actually move off the floor and onto the couch. My MIL ended up getting what Lucas had so she’s not feeling so hot either now. I swear, this bug is BAD. I ate a cracker at about 2am and I was okay.

I woke up feeling alright, but I know I’ll have to take it easy on the stomach just in case. Cohen woke up and was coughing then acted like he was going to be sick. I asked him if he was, he said he needed to go to the toilet. Sure enough he puked up loads. He seems completely fine now, but I’m hoping it’s not another day of throwing up.

So that’s where we’ve been the last few days. I hope you all understand my lack of communication. It’s been quite a few days to say the least. Praying we all get well soon so we can enjoy this beautiful Florida sunshine! This girl’s got to work on her tan!!!



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