Week 13.5

As many of you know this pregnancy took it’s toll on me in the beginning. I had horrible morning sickness, was so tired I would sleep at least 2 hours during the kids naps and STILL always felt like I was dragging. I ended up having to get on Zofran at 8 weeks because the morning sickness was just unbearable while trying to mother 2 kids and be a decent wife. Man did that stuff save my life.

Now here we are 5.5 weeks later and this is what’s going on:

How I’m feeling: Still tired most days, I feel like this pregnancy I’m way more tired. With the boys around 12 weeks I seemed to jump right into that “2nd trimester” bliss with having lots of energy and no pregnancy symptoms. I end up falling asleep while laying down next to Cohen for his nap, when 8pm hits I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall and in the morning I feel like I could just lay there for hours longer. My “girls” are KILLING me and growing like crazy. Unlike most pregnancies, the only symptom I had until I got sick was 2 lines on the stick. I feel like the symptoms have kicked it up a notch these last few weeks.

Baby Movement: I know it sounds crazy, but I’m totally feeling the baby move. I’ve never felt movement this early! With Cohen I think I was around 16/17 weeks and with Lucas it was 15/16 weeks, so this is pretty exciting. Right now it just feels like little flutters and then every now and then I can actually feel the baby move from one side of my tummy to the other.

Weight Gain: You know, I got on the scale after 4 weeks of not being on it and I’m at 129 still. I was 127 before I found out I was pregnant and was trying to shed a few pounds but at my 1st doc appt at 8 weeks I was 129. Which seems crazy to me because I’m most definitely showing now.

Cravings: I am in LOVE with eggs & bacon for breakfast and then in the evenings I love some Orville Redenbacher tender white popcorn. It’s SO good.

Mood Swings: I’ve had quite the attitude with this pregnancy. I remember snapping a lot when I was pregnant with Lucas but I was also teaching the worst class in history (aside from like 7 students) and my hubs was deployed so I was pregnant and raising Cohen solo. This go around I seem to snap pretty quickly and then realize what I’ve done and then feel bad. I’m really trying hard but it just won’t stop. Anyone have any advice to help??

Here is a picture of me at 10 weeks:
week 10

Here’s me at 13.5 weeks:
ohio vacation(my sister is 21 weeks along)



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    That is so funny about snapping! I was like that with my second baby. One time I did it and my husband just looked at me and said “do you hear yourself right now?” And then I realized I was acting crazy and apologized and we laughed about it. So funny, it was like I honestly couldn’t control myself!

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    Glad I am not the only one with crazy mood swings. I seriously hear myself talking and know what I am saying is insane & yet I say it anyway! Wish Zofran was working for me. Boo! And you know they say all that sickness means girl?! Maybe you are adding a little lady to your clan!! :-)

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    You look beautiful mama! :) I’ve had crazy mood swings, too. People just get on my nerves. It sounds awful but at the end of the day, I just want to be left alone. LOL

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    Hey! You’re ADORABLE…seriously…so cute! I’m excited to see you as you go through your pregnancy and we need to Skype ASAP! Oh and we’ve finally hit the “ready for baby #2 phase”, I sort of blame you but not really, lol, so here’s to hoping I’ll join you soon…but don’t hold your breath since we had such a hard time getting pregnant the first time, haha!

    Oh and did you notice my blog name, etc? Yeah, in case you hadn’t seen it yet, I’m nuts and went back to Freckles & Dirt, I’m excited though!

  5. Kelly says

    Hi Michelle,
    I love reading your posts because I am about to start 13 weeks. This is number 4 for me. I have a 5 yr old girl, 3 yr old girl and my youngest daughter will eb 2 next week. With every pregnancy I feel like t got harder and harder. More tiring and I am waaaay more cranky. Maybe it is b/c I am always “on” and can’t take a rest ever b/c I am taking care of the other children. I am still l so tired all the time and can’t seem to shake the nausea or feeling like I want to sleep all the time. I am also waiting to get into that second trimester, feeling great mode. Still waiting!
    I also feel like i feel the baby, even this early. Maybe we know what to look out for?!
    Keep posting, I am enjoying your updates

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    The sickness is awful but it means baby is healthy and growing :) I was waaay worse with my daughter than with my son, but I don’t know if it means anything…maybe? I think you can definitely feel the baby this early. I remember distinctly when I felt my son (second baby) for the first time. I was 13 weeks and I was driving so it wasn’t even a small feeling. We just know what to look for :)

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