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I have come across a few books recently that I want to purchase on the parenting topic….thinking that I need to change the way I parent. And then it dawned on me, yes I need to change some of my parenting – but I also need to change my behaviors with it.

You guys.

I have gotten LAZY!

Like seriously. I mean, I know I’m growing 2 little humans right now, but that’s no excuse to let my kids watch more than a few hours of tv a day. I have become the Mom I always said I would NEVER be. And I feel awful. Today I was better, I actually sat down with the boys & we played with playdough (or as Cohen calls it – Montecelli) for over 30 minutes. We even did our daily dance party….well I pretty much stand there and sway as the boys go buck wild. This is probably their favorite part of the day, aside from when Daddy comes home of course. Which brings me to another point – you know why they get so excited to see their Daddy?! Yes, because he’s been gone all day and they’ve been stuck with me – but because he PLAYS with them. They climb all over him, he kicks the soccer ball with them in the house, they run around chasing each other – tickling & just plain HAVING FUN!

What a good Daddy they have.

So. I have a mission. I have started writing down activities & wrote out a schedule again…..yes, I used to actually follow a schedule with the boys – mapped out play time/ independent play / tv time / outside play / story time / crafts. That was a year ago. Ugh. Makes me so sick to see how far I’ve fallen behind.

Anyway, I’m writing this bc I need to be accountable…yet again something I need accountability for. AND I want to know what activities you do with your toddlers to keep them engaged/entertained/learning throughout the day!


Please share your activities / links to activities to entertain these cuties in the comments section below!!


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    Hey girl… Just posted today about TV watching and things we do. I also did a recent sensory series. Your guys might be a tad old for it, but you should check it out!

    Much love!

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    Don’t feel bad mama. Pregnancy is HARD and you’re doing it double time. I’ll be the first to admit that since I started working from home I have been slacking in the mommy department. I did better before I was pregnant because I worked late, but now that I am dying for bedtime by 6:00 pm and have to really FORCE myself to get any work done, I’m looking forward to finishing the projects that I’ve got going on right now and making time to just be with Noah before the baby gets here. Cut yourself some slack. I bet the boys understand more than you think they do. :)

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    You seriously read my mind… I have been moping around the past couple of days thinking about how I wish I could get motivated to do more with Molly. She’s definitely watching more tv than I want her to. I’m hoping our move will get my butt in gear b/c we’ll have so much more space. Definitely share your schedule/activities/etc. :)

  4. Kassie says

    Uh…. I’m right there with you. Seriously, my son watches WAY TOO MUCH tv these days. I give myself some grace because of being pregnant, but maybe that’s just an excuse. So easy to do though! I know I need to play with him and I’ve been telling myself to write a schedule. Part of my issue is I’m so unsure about what to do with my 19 month old! I feel like a lot of the activities I see people doing (or pinning) with their toddlers are for older ones. Really at a loss of what to do and I pretty much refuse to go out in 100+ degree weather!

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    Mine are 2 and 3 right now and I am also feeling extra sluggish due to morning sickness and already feeling huge.
    I work full time so I feel terrible when I get home and all I want to do is sleep. The weekends are where I really try hard. If I can stand it, we go to the park. Daddy put up the little pool out back for them. We have a sand table and a bunch of outside toys on the deck, so I’m not running around. Inside we do play doh, painting (water color), lots of crafty stuff. Really, all I have to do is give my daughter a shoe box, stickers, glue and paper and she sets to work on a masterpiece, lol. I have also been looking up little finger play games so that I can rest while we sing and do the motions. We don’t do dance parties, but we play rock band. I’m definitely not the rocker I used to be, lol.

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    I totally had a schedule before too: nap, outside play time, snack, etc. Now it’s just go with the flow haha. Usually my kiddo keeps himself occupied with crayons and other knick knacks he finds in the house though. Good luck with your mission!

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    Girl, you’re fine!!! I am in a similar situation, I mean except I’m not pregnant, but my husband is gone and that makes it tough. And I agree with you that I don’t want my kids watching a ton of tv, but I;ve just come to the conclusion that more than usual is okay. The Lord knows what you can handle and He is watching over your boys and they will be fine. You’re not gonna mess them up by letting them watch a little more tv than normal. They have a solid home life with two parents who love them, they’re good! Little bit of a rant, sorry, but I’ve been going through the same thing, I think all mothers do. Don’t let satan get to you telling you lies that you’re doing something wrong or stress you out with the feeling that you need to change. There’s no cookie cutter way to do things, and you have to do what works for you and your family right now. You’ll be fine!

  8. Niki says

    My boys have aren’t allowed to watch tv during the school week. But during the summer they can watch tv at night. I am trying to get them outside more. My oldest kid is so anti-social unforunately and this saddens me. He does not like to have too many people in his room so when we have friends over that have kids he will actually close his door.

    Thankfully most everyone understands that this is just the way he is but I totally feel like he is being rude. Anyhoo, we will keep you in check re the routines. I hope the boys enjoy the changes and that the girls embrace it when they are able to. :)

  9. Venera Bellucci says

    Mothers need some rest from their busy schedules taking care of us. Watching TV all day is one of the best way to unwind and release the stress.

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    Girl I totally know how you feel girl! I DEF have felt that way off and on a LOT and you know what my kids are fine. Maybe that’s an excuse? I hope not but i really feel like they are ok with a little more tv than what is “ideal” ya know. You have a LOT going on right now and I TOTALLY know how it is so I promise as long as you make intentional time with them every day they will be happy little campers even if Yo Gabba Gabba is on repeat a few times. :)

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