{Here’s a little post throwback. This one was originally written February 28,2012}

I’ve recently started watching the show Parenthood. {If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you jump on that train because it’s pretty awesome.} I love how it shows such a variety of parenting, yet doesn’t “knock” any of them. They all came from the same family but raise their kids in such different ways – yet there is SO much love and it just doesn’t REALLY matter how they bring their kids up.

I think that rings true for my life too. So many times I read blog posts or Facebook status’ from friends and think how much better they’re raising their kid than we are and yet that’s not true at all. Just because I may not do a fun project with my kids every day or take them to cool places every weekend – doesn’t mean I don’t parent them well.

Parenthood is the most challenging and rewarding job I’ve ever had. From growing them inside of me through exhaustion and food cravings/adversions, cramps and sleepless nights to nursing them every 3 hrs – 24hrs a day to watching them reach their milestones all the while cringing that they’d just SLOW DOWN. And here I am today, looking at my almost 3 yr old always coming up with something new and funny to say, staring at my 1.5 yr old wondering where my little baby went & fighting off the nausea & exhaustion of growing our sweet baby #3. (update – babies 3&4)

I have come to realize that everyone parents in different ways and it’s OKAY. My sister didn’t allow my nephew to watch any tv up until recently (he’s the same age as Lucas) and although I let my boys watch it, it’s totally fine – because it’s HER kid and HER decision to make – it doesn’t matter what I think about it. I cloth diapered our kids and other people think I’m nuts – but it’s OKAY because it’s MY choice. I have friends who let their kids sleep/eat whenever they want because they want their kids to have control over their choices and I have friends who schedule out every minute of their kid’s days. I bet if you were to sit down all your friends and ask them how they were raised, they’d all be different, yet we all turned out OKAY.

I may not raise my kids how you do, but I raise them in the way that I know is right for us. Instead of reading your posts & updates and thinking you’re a better parent than me, I’ll read it and jot down ideas of what to do with my kids that they will love and enjoy – and be thankful of your creativity so that I can share it with our family.

How do you deal with parenthood?parenting


  1. Jenny@ADropintheBucket says

    All so true. And I LOVE, LOVE Parenthood. Best show ever!!! Too bad it is already the season finale tonight! Ugh!!!

  2. says

    I agree that parenthood decisions rest (surprise surprise) on the shoulders of the PARENT. While I might not agree with everything that every parent does, that’s a choice that they make for their own family. We do what works for Noah. And that’s the only person that we are worried about. :)

  3. says

    You crack me up “update babies 3&4”
    But, such a truth for post. When I was Au Pair and would look at many parent styles and think wow they are doing that so wrong. But after years in the business and likely maturity I came to accept the same as you. We all parent differently and that’s OK. A part of being a parent is making the choices and giving a child what have learned is best. Even if it’s not best in others minds.

  4. says

    One of my core tenets is “Do what works for you.” Some may say it’s a cop out disclaimer, but seriously, I think everyone should parent the way they see fit and that works best for their family. I also don’t let my kiddo watch TV but that’s my belief and would hope no one would knock it, just as I wouldn’t knock another person for letting their kid watching TV. It’s just one little rule! If I were to knock anyone, it would be because they’re abusing or neglecting their kid, not because they didn’t make their own homemade baby food.

  5. Niki says

    Parenting is definitely hard especially when you have kids that are special needs. I have two of those. Anyways, I totally love that show.

    I hope you and the boys and the girls are all doing well. Thinking about you!

  6. says

    Totally love the show Parenthood….and i agree with you on this post. we need to start supporting our fellow mamas, not judging their choices! SO excited for you to be welcoming twin girls! My sister Kristan has 4 kids, (the youngest are twin girls, just like you) and is now expecting her 5th! Never say never, ha ha.

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