New Logo Design

Things have been a little quiet in the design area & mostly because I haven’t been focusing on it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE doing it – but right now my focus has been elsewhere.

Amanda contacted me to do a new logo for her photography business. She was so amazing to work with! She knew exactly what she wanted & sent me loads of ideas. I put together 3 different designs for her & she went with this one:

Design Logo

Logo & Blog Header/Menu

She initially wanted just the logo for her blog header & then decided she wanted to add in a menu bar to coordinate with her new look. She also gave her Facebook page  & business cards an update as well! I absolutely love the style she went with & had so much fun drawing this for her!

If you’re looking for a new blog header/logo/blog design, you can check out my prices on my Design Services page.


Why do blog designs cost so much?!

I have had a number of people ask me or tell me that a customized design is just “too much” money to spend. Look, I totally get that. I was in that same exact place over a year ago before I had my first blog design done for me. It took some convincing to the hubs but eventually I did it. And I’ve never looked back.

But still you ask – “Why are Blog Designs so much money?!”

I’m going to give you just a brief breakdown of the time that is involved with the whole process.

Getting started:
1 hr: Initial emails to get a “feel” for what the client wants

4-8hrs (and i’m being generous on this): Designing 3 different design logos
– add an extra 2-4hrs if I have to design a customized graphic

Design Process:
2hrs: Emails back and forth about tweaks to be made to logo / design aspects

3-7hrs: Designing buttons, signature, sidebar graphics

4-7hrs: Putting designs/graphics into test site

Finalizing Design:
2hrs: Emails back and forth about finalization for site

2-4hrs: Launching site & fixing tweaks

Post Design Launch:
2-5hrs: Fixing anything client wants changed / switched

Grand Total:
20-40hrs of work

The 20hrs of work is typical of a simple blogger design for blogger.
So, since I charge $125 that gives me a total of $6.25/hr.

30hrs of work is typical for a simple wordpress design.
With charging $225 that gives me a total of $7.50/hr.

Fun Fact: Federal minimum wage is : $7.25 (while most states have a higher minimum than that)

Yup. So there you have it. The hours may not seem like a lot, but when you throw in the fact that most designers are designing more than just your site, you can see how busy they can get. Not to mention the fact that most have a family & house to run in the mix of it all.

If you are interested in getting your site designed, fill out a Potential Client Form. I only have 2 spaces available next month and they go pretty quickly!
I am also offering $50 off customized designs in March!

Here’s the latest Momma Bird customized blogger design:

Customized Blogger Design

customized blogger




Free Valentine’s Day Graphics

I had some free time this morning (gasp!) so I took some time to play with my Bamboo tablet. Man I’m having fun with this! I can’t wait to try out some stuff with the blogs I’m designing this month. Just click on the image and save to your computer. It’s a .png file so you should just be able to use the lasso tool in your photoshop & then copy it over to your project. The background looks grey, but it’s transparent so you can use it with your favorite images.

These graphics are not intended for large photos, they are intended for small images like sidebar buttons / collages. If you try to enlarge them, it makes them a bit grainy & just doesn’t look as nice.

valentine downloadable graphics

This is for personal use only.

If you end up using these – put a link in the comments so I can see!