my dream kitchen

Being a military family it’s hard sometimes seeing all the fun DIY project people do in their homes. You see, we’re a military family that just chooses to rent instead of purchasing a home. We don’t want the responsibility of selling a home after only living in a place for a short period of time. And renting/living in base housing comes with dealing with the way they have set things up.

Luckily in our current rented home I was able to make some changes with the paint colors, but other than that, I just deal with it. Especially in our kitchen. Oh the kitchen. The stove is absolutely beautiful & we do have lots of space, but the tile & wall color. BARF. When we first got here I thought about purchasing some bead board and putting it over the tile, but then I thought twice. Did I really want to do all that work for a year or two?? Nope. Not at all.


People, I have dreams of our forever home’s kitchen. Beautiful clean lines, loads of storage, traditional with hints of modern flare & pops of color in the smallest details. Oh the possibilities.

Like this bespoke kitchen design:

I LOVE the sink by the cooker in the island! And then the deep set sink on the back counter as well! How convenient!  The cooker in the island is seriously brilliant! The wall color is perfection with that grey/blue hue – SO calming. And look at the wood floor – it almost has that barn wood distressed look. I love it.

So yeah. They are all dreams for now, but one day….one sweet – wonderful day, we will have our beautiful kitchen that will be all ours!

What do you envision for your “perfect” kitchen?

I {heart} Barn Owl Primitives

So, you all know I’m a big fan of Barn Owl Primitives. She’s pretty much the most giving, kind hearted person I’ve met through this whole blogging/sponsor partnership thing I’ve been doing over the years. I “met” Kristi last year when I was looking for sponsors to do Give Aways & she was the first give away of the year. Since then we’ve kept in touch via social media & email. She was an encourager during my pregnancy & was always giving me a positive outlook on stuff.

Yesterday, she sent me these pretties……


barnowlprimitives{I am Brave sign}


barnowlprimitives{good day sunshine sign}

I know right?! Absolutely adorable! I’m in love & now need more BOP for my home.
Next on my list of needs, yes, I said “needs”….

This family rules sign:


This be awesome sign:


This hard things sign, because we obviously CAN do hard things:


and when we move into our forever home, this kitchen sign:


Kristi, from the bottom of my heart I thank you.
I hope one day when we’re back in the USofA we will get together for some coffee!
You can find Kristi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & adding new items to her Shop!


Barn Owl Primitives

guest post

Barn Owl Primitives is one of my favorite Etsy shops! My sweet friend Kristi creates typography signs for every & all occasions and rooms! I’m pretty sure I could decorate my entire home with her signs. I’m not even joking. She has a big talent & a huge heart. Kristi and I met over a year ago when I contacted her about doing a give away for my blog. I was so star struck that she actually said YES! A huge etsy shop owner like her doing a MASSIVE give away on my little ol’ blog. I was blown away. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and I have always loved showing off her work.

Her story of how she started her shop is pretty awesome, ff you want to learn more, you can read it over on her About section of her Etsy shop.

Here are some of my favorites for the Valentine’s holiday upon us….


barn owl primitives

barn owl primitives

barn owl primitives

Kristi loves having fun little give aways on various blogs & on her Facebook and Instagram feeds. You should definitely take some time to go follow her so you can get in on the fun action! If you click on any of the images above, it will take you straight to her shop. Happy shopping!

Do you have any BOP signs in your home?
What’s your favorite??

Answered Prayers

As many of you know I’m in a Bible study about prayer. It’s a 6 wk study and we just finished up week 5.

I started applying the principles she teaches & I just wasn’t “feeling” God like I thought I would at this point.

I was starting to get jealous of the women in my study who had such adoration & “awe-ness” off God – knowing that there was a time in my life when I felt the same way and I haven’t been “feeling” Him like that lately.

So, I began with a personal prayer time while I drove to my appointment lon Wednesday. I didn’t really know where to begin my “prayer” so I just started talking to Him. I told him about my jealousy and asked for forgiveness. I told him of my current inner struggles with body image, self esteem & worry over LOTS of things. Then, I just told Him I was handing it all over because there was nothing else for me to do.

You guys. This is huge. Just a few weeks ago I told our study that I just wasn’t at a place where I could literally hand it all over to God. But I did. I thought I’d “feel” something at this point – maybe a confirmation from God letting me know I was doing what I needed to be doing – but there was only silence.

Thursday morning I said a few little prayers throughout the morning and went to put the dishes away. While I was bending over to pick up a plate and put it away my ears starting ringing and I thought to myself: ‘I wonder if one of the ladies from bible study is praying for me.’ And then I finished with my chores.

Last night I went to a friend’s house for a Jamie at Home Party and a few of the ladies from bible study happened to be there. After about an hour or so we talked about how awful Wednesday morning had been for the children at our study – they were all in terrible moods – mine being the WORST ones! (seriously people – they were insane) ANYWAY – one of the girls at the party looks over at me and says, “You know, I prayed for you today. I got your prayer request from the basket.” So I then said, “Do you mind telling me when you prayed?” She looked a little surprised and then says, “It was in the morning.”

Whoa people.

God just answered my prayer. He knew that I needed to see His work be done – I needed that “awe-ness” to be slapped in my face. And you guys – he slapped it good.

I know it seems like such a little & silly thing – but to me – it was HUGE.

So, keep on praying people. God does hear us. Us little beings here on earth. He loves each of us.

What prayers have you seen answered lately?

Life ‘n’ Reflection

Many of you saw Kristy’s work when I featured her last month. Well you guys, she’s at it again. I swear, this lady is not only so sweet & kind, but she has creativity written ALL over her. I wish I had the skills that she does – but thankfully at least I can utilize what she’s created right?! This month she has some pretty adorable stuff to get you in the mood for BACK TO SCHOOL!!! With my little one heading off to preschool this year, this little package is quite exciting for me.

Here’s a little preview of some of the wallets she has:


and how cute do my boys look with it:


aaah!!! They are getting so big!

But there is SO much more, here’s a little sneak peak:


See those little daily note cards? I’m pretty sure they will be all over my home shortly!

I’m pretty sure this will be printed and hung in the girl’s rooms ASAP!


Download your own alphabet printable on Kristy’s Facebook page: Kristy Life’N’Reflection

Pretty much I love this girl. I love her work & her kind heart. Head on over to read all about her Inspired Notebook collection on her blog.