Starting Over Sucks!

Starting over sucks. Am I right?! Not 5 months ago I was in a fantastic routine. Walk the kids to school in the morning, work out during nap time and then walk the kids home in the afternoon followed by a 5 mile walk in the evenings with my neighbor. My routine now looks NOTHING like that. Now I drive the kids to school in the mornings and afternoons bc it’s cold and usually rainy. I spend nap time either working or cleaning the house…or let’s be honest…messing around on the computer, finding any excuse not to work out.

It’s awful and I hate it and I just need to STOP IT!

I have gained about 5lbs in the last 4 months. Not terrible considering I am not working out consistently and not eating horribly, but definitely NOT what I want. I feel like crap. I am squishier. I am not fitting in my clothes like previously. Yes they still fit, but there’s a lot more jiggle than before.

I’m wearing baggier clothes so I don’t have to suck my stomach in and I’m not as apt to get dressed and look nice because I don’t “feel” nice on the inside.

I’ve just had it.

I hate it.


Starting over SUCKS so I’m just going to keep GOING from now on!!!!

I was sick last week and I was going to start this little routine again then, it never fails. I know when my body has had enough of my crap – literally. I ALWAYS tend to get sick when I am not eating my veggies, taking my vitamins consistently and I cut back on my exercise. The crazy thing is – I KNOW ALL OF THIS!!!!!! Seriously. I preach it to people ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. Yet here I sit on my ass, typing away instead of moving my body!

Ugh. I’m so irritating sometimes.

So. I wrote that top part and then stopped what I was doing and I totally worked out today. I did. My lungs needed a fire extinguisher, my legs feel like they’ve been punched a thousand times and well my heart – I thought it was going to explode at one point. But it hurt so good. I’m not sure I can commit to 7 days a week of exercise, so I’m going to commit to at least 3 days a week. That’s how I started last time so that’s how I’ll start this time. I know myself pretty well and eventually I’ll end up at about 5 days a week, I’m just not there yet.

weightlossThat picture right there. That was at the start of my weight loss journey. I am now 25lbs lighter, have more energy and don’t feel “fat, tired, huge” anymore.

This was me this September when I was in a good routine with my eating, exercise and Shaklee supplements.

travelusa2014Two totally different people!

So. I don’t know about you but when I am trying to get back on track I need accountability. Who wants to join me in my #lose10in2014 challenge?! I have a FB accountability group with a few other friends, we are there to encourage one another, give tips, tricks and ideas to help keep pushing forward and we will also do weigh ins to hold us accountable!

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  1. Is this for women only?
    This challenge & program is great for men and women. Overweight teenagers (ages 13 to 18) can also follow the Shaklee 180 Weight-Loss program, supervised by their parents to assure they are following the program as it is designed. We would also urge that the teen’s physician see them once or twice in the course of their weight loss process.
  2. I am in Canada, can I take the challenge too?
    Yes, Canadians can take the challenge to.  Email me and I will show you how to order.
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    Shaklee has tested all Shaklee 180 products for the presence of lactose. All products are labeled lactose free.
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    The Shaklee 180™ Weight-Loss Program has been well designed and should be appropriate for most people with diabetes. Simply follow the calorie level your doctor has told you to Shaklee 180™ Energizing Smoothees, Meal-in-a-Bars, and Snack Bars have undergone glycemic index testing and meet the definition of “low glycemic.” We also have attempted to guide you towards choosing foods in your meal plan with a low to moderate glycemic index. (always seek a doctors approval)
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Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.40.31 PM

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June Recap

I know I’ve been totally MIA but things have just been busy over here. I don’t “think” to actually blog about life as much and some days I’m okay with it and other days I do miss this community. I’m going to attempt to get back in to the swing of things and if I still feel the same after making a conscious effort to blog then I may just have to say ‘goodbye’. But I just won’t go there yet – this is my ‘trial period’. ha ha ha

So here’s what we’ve been doing:

the momma birdThese munchins are just too much. They are obsessed with their Incredivites vitamins. lol

the momma birdI have been on a mission to get FIT! Seriously though. I want to be so happy in my skin and I can honestly say I’m “mostly” there. This picture does make me look very fit but when I lean forward or do push ups – that nice toned stomach comes flopping down. The joys of having my skin stretched so much by my little twins. So I’m just going to stand like this from now on – no more sitting or leaning forward. Sound good??

Anyway, as far as what I’ve been doing:
I’m still using my Shaklee180 shakes for a meal replacement probably 4-5 times a week. Then I have just been cutting out the crap. I try to just eat WHOLE foods and less processed. I’ve also cut out my caffeine habit – I did a Liver Detox and it totally knocked it out for me. I still like having a cup of coffee or tea now and again but it’s definitely not a habit like it was now.
And for working out I’ve been doing at least 10k a day (that’s my goal) and then I’ve been doing T25 work outs. I LOVE them! They are perfect for me since I don’t have much time to go to the gym and be there for hours so it’s a win-win for me. I have a couple friends who sell it if you’re interested.

the momma birdIt wasn’t until I watched these girls do this that I really SAW the “twin bond”. Most twins I see are first borns so they don’t have any other distractions and are totally connected to one another, but it hasn’t been until recently that these girls have been doing more ‘bonding’ things like:
– they HAVE to see the other sister when waking up from a nap, they ask, “see sissy”.
– when one twin is crying the other will try to console them
– when one twin is in trouble, the other will give us a nasty look for causing the discipline

the momma birdI mean look at them all. Love.

the momma birdThese two are something else. I swear it’s either fighting or being best buds. Love ’em.

the momma birdWe went strawberry picking one weekend and it was AWESOME! And look at that view!!! It was really breathtaking. Oh, and we totally went with our neighbors so we had lots of help with the kids. The girls pretty much just ate every strawberry they came in contact with. lol

the momma birdThese two are serious snugglers. I love it.

the momma bird

So that pretty much sums it up. I’ve been working really hard with Shaklee and have now held the title of Director for 4 months!!!! Super exciting :) I’m so happy just seeing people FEEL better once they give their bodies what it needs.

I’ve also started taking courses to get my certification in Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness & Fitness. I know. I’m totally crazy but I’m super excited. I’m almost finished with my first course and I’ve been learning a TON of information! maybe I’ll start writing about the different things I learn. What do you think??


11 months later.


I still can’t believe my journey has been over a year long now!! If I would have known that it would have taken this long, I would have probably been really discouraged, but honestly this year flew by and I feel like I didn’t deprive myself of things that I still loved.

Yes I am good about what I eat…MOST of the time! My friends can attest that I still indulge. I still eat ‘normal’ with my family and I still have things that are “not good for me”. But my motto is to just make small changes that make a big impact.

I still enjoy popcorn with my kids, ice cream every now and then, I bought lots of girl scout cookies this year & I even still eat carbs! All you paleo people can freak out now. 😉 But I know my limits. I can get into a ‘bad eating’ mode and really start to go down, but then I just know I need to snap out of it and I’ll do a meal bar/shake for two of my meals for a few days to just reset my mind. The thing is, I actually enjoy it! It’s not something I dread doing because it’s just part of my life and I FEEL so much better when I do it.

With having to get all kids out of the door and walk my boys to school during the week, I’ve actually started having a meal bar or smoothee on the school drop off walk. What’s crazy, is that days I do this & take my vitamins with it I have LOADS of energy and the days I start my mornings with coffee after I’ve been up a few hours, I tend to not eat a breakfast then eat lunch and then want to eat everything in sight from 3pm-8pm. So, note to self: eat breakfast within the hour I wake up!

With all of that said, the next step is to get some strength training in my routine and to start running a few times a week. I’m really good about getting my 10k steps now that the constant rain has stopped, but I want to ‘up’ it a bit.

So yeah! That’s my update! I’m actually so very proud of how far I’ve come. Weight was such a massive contributor to my mood and well-being, so I’m very thankful to have more confidence than I did last year.


If you have any questions about my weight loss journey & how you can get started, I am happy to help you!