Love Story Pt. 5

I know this Love Story is getting a bit long, so maybe I’ll try to finish it up today. :) If you are new to the blog, please read Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 before beginning here. {don’t worry – they aren’t long}

After our little coffee date – we got home and were both instantly on IMchat to talk. We started texting throughout the day (all day), sending each other funny emails, and when we were home from work – back on the IMchat to talk. It was amazing how much we had to talk about – aaah new love. :) 

Then it came. Jesse said he had a special ‘date’ for us. But it was ALL a surprise. It was the end of January{January 28th to be exact}, so it was a bit chilly in Ohio and he told me that I needed to “dress warm.” I freaked out. I went to work asking the girls what in the world would he have planned??!?!!! I tried to remember the things we have talked about to give me a clue. 

Then it hit me. 

He was going to take me ice skating. 

I know, you’re probably thinking – awe that’s so sweet!

But I was thinking:
So I started to panic. {let me remind you, this was the 1st REAL “date” i had EVER had}

To the date night:
He took me to Uno’s restaurant bc I had told him Chicago style pizza was my favorite.
Then we left and started walking in downtown Dayton. We ended up at the outdoor skating rank.
I am SERIOUSLY freaking, so I told him, “let’s just watch for a while.”
No. Joke.
So – what did we do – we watched, and watched, and watched.
We never ended up ice skating.
Because I was too afraid.
I could tell he was annoyed but I figured it would be ‘okay’.
We get back to my parents house and come inside and my Dad asks how it was – I told him we didn’t end up skating – and he gave me the nastiest look I’ve ever seen! Poor Jesse – I was SO rude!

Jesse left that night, and we ended up on IMchat again. {insert 1st argument} He told me how he doesn’t understand how we can be perfect in every way except for the fact that I won’t even touch him. This went on and on and I tried explaining my reasons but nothing was really going anywhere.

So the next morning, I woke up to my mother yelling at me!

 “How could you do that to that boy?!”
“He put all that effort into that date and you DIDN’T EVEN SKATE?!”

Ugh. I felt awful

So, I decided to DO something about it. One of my dear friends and I drove down to Cincy to get Jesse’s his favorite candy bar. {yes, I had to drive an hour to get there -its the only place i knew they sold ‘flake’ bars} I bought like 10 of them. I bought one of those HUGE cards – basically a ‘sorry’ card, that said I was sorry and something about a big hug. I took a picture of myself acting like I was hugging him and taped it inside of the card.

When he showed up that afternoon to pick me up, {we had already planned for me to have dinner with his fam before the date} I gave him the candy bars – the card – and I HUGGED him. I said I was sorry too. {and YES i was literally shaking like a leaf the whole time}
Dinner was great, we enjoyed ourselves and things were good. On the way back to my house, Jesse was quiet and I knew it was coming.

He told me that we needed some space. 
I said I didn’t want space. 

J: “you don’t know what you want Michelle”
M: “yes I do”
J: “no, you don’t.”
M: “well, i know i like talking to you and hanging out with you”
J: “well, I want more than that. if you want to just be friends than I can’t be talking to you until 4 in the morning, texting you all day, and acting like we’re dating when we’re not”
M: “but i don’t want to not talk to you all the time”
J: “michelle, you need to figure out what it is that you want, but until then, we will be ‘just friends’.”

{pulling into my parents driveway}

M: “okay, fine”

{shaking, i reach over and grab his hand}

J: “so what does this mean?”
M: “it means that i want more”
J: “so are you my girlfriend then?”
M: “yeah, i guess i am……but i’m not going to kiss you yet”
J: “okay then”

So there ya have it. January 29, 2006 we “officially” started dating.
Here’s the short version of the year following:
February 2006: We say, “I love you” – @ Howl at the Moon in Chicago

March 2006: Jesse takes me to my 1st symphony for my bday
April 2006: Called in sick to work to hang out in Cincy together.

May 2006: My mom takes us to breakfast and asks where this is going – Jesse told her he was going to marry me.
June 2006: Jesse decides he’s going to join the military.

July 2006: We debate getting married in September in case he had to leave soon.
August 2006: We are sure we are going to get married.
September 2006: I buy my wedding dress even though we weren’t engaged.
October 2006: Started planning the wedding – still not engaged
November 2006 – WE ARE ENGAGED Nov. 23rd {jesse’s bday & thanksgiving day}
December 2006 – still planning the wedding
January 2007 – MARRIED {01-13-07}

Since then:
February 2007 – Jesse leaves for basic

March 2007 – move to San Angelo, Texas for Jesse’s tech school

August 2007 – move to Abilene, TX for his 1st assignment

July 2008 – find out I’m pregnant with baby #1

August 2008 – get a teaching job

October 2008 – Jesse’s 1st deployment
February 2009 – Jesse’s BACK!!!

April 2009 – Cohen is born!

November 2009 – find out I’m pregnant with baby #2!

February 2010 – Jesse’s 2nd deployment
May 2010 – find out we’re moving to ENGLAND!
June 2010 – Jesse’s BACK!!!

July 2010 – Lucas is born!

October 2010 – move to England

And now, here we are almost a year later and things have FINALLY calmed down! Whew!

Love Story Pt. 4

If you are new here, please read Part 1, 2, and 3 first.
And then you can come back and read Part 4 – because it’s no fun starting in the middle :)

Soooo – I started the IM chat with him as if nothing was wrong, there was NO reason at all that we hadn’t talked for 4 days {even though we had talked up until then}. And about halfway through our little conversation he actually asked me to go to a movie with him the next night!
We went and saw:


He had some free tickets he scored from work – and well – he didn’t have anyone to go with.
{i didn’t know this at the time – i found out after we were married – gee thanks babe}
So off we went to the movie. We had a good time, but there was NO touching! I mean, I was so nervous that he was going to try and hold my hand it was really pathetic.
{and anyone that knows me, knows that i’m a major touchy/feely/huggy kinda person}
After the movie, he asked if I wanted to go to dinner, so I agreed bc I was pretty hungry. We went across the street to Lone Star Steak House. {i’m pretty sure that’s where it was} I got a steak, naturally, and I honestly don’t remember what he got – probably chicken fingers or a burger, wait, I think it was a burger.

This is a snapshot of what happened:
Waiter: brings food out then leaves
Michelle: {cuts steak} “umm, I don’t think this is medium rare, it looks like they cooked it in a      microwave.”
Jesse: {just looks at me, but inside he was thinking – “you have GOT to be kidding me”
Michelle: “Seriously! Look at it.”
Jesse: “It looks okay to me.”
Waiter: “How is everything? Everything taste alright?”
Jesse: “Yeah, it’s fine.”
Michelle: “Umm, my steak is overcooked. Did someone cook this in the microwave?
Jesse: {mor – ti – fied}
Waiter: “I’m sorry, and no it wasn’t cooked in a microwave.”

It gets better….
Waiter: “Is there anything else I can get you?”
Jesse: “No, I think we’re good, just the check.”
Michelle: “It’s separate checks.”

Little did I know that me asking for separate checks was quite a low blow. whoops.

{did i mention that i even took a phone call during this dinner?! yup. i was THAT girl}

We ended up talking that night once he dropped me off at home – and we kept talking every night after.

A week later some friends of mine were going to a movie, and I thought it would be nice to invite him.
So I did.
And he said “sure”.
We all showed up at the theatre, {side note: Jesse and I had talked about getting some Starbucks at the end of the night} and after the movie we were going to head over to my friend’s house {a male} to check out the apartment.
During the movie, my friend {the male} sat on one side of me and Jesse sat on the other. Well, wouldn’t you know, throughout the movie this friend of mine kept tickling me and what not. I was used to this behavior from him so I didn’t think anything of it. Jesse was ready to bounce. {as in leave – for all of you who don’t speak gangsta}
After the movie, as we’re all headed towards the parking lot, my friend ran up and smacked me straight on the BUTT! And then says to Jesse, “Go ahead, just smack it!”

Don’t worry…
I know what you are thinking.

Jesse got in his car and said he was just going to go home. I proceeded to argue with him and ask why?!
{like an IDIOT – I seriously didn’t really understand at the time}I get in my car and then I called Jesse. {i have a hard time letting things go} Jesse was on the other line with his BFF {calvin} explaining the entire situation and telling him he is “done with this girl.” He gets off the phone because I call continually and ask him why he isn’t going to Starbucks anymore, he lies and tells me some excuse about just being tired. I don’t let it go {see, there it is again} and INSIST we still get some coffee. He gives in and we went.

It. was. awesome.
It was Jesse, my friend {a girl}, and myself.
We laughed, talked, and just had a darn good time.

I left there thinking this could be something very special.
He left there thinking he wasn’t “done with this girl” anymore.

to be continued…


Love Story Pt. 3

If you are new here you can read Part 1 & Part 2 to catch up!

So, I brought my car in and it got fixed. When I went to pick it up, I was secretly hoping I might see “that guy” that helped me, but no such luck. I took my new car and went to enjoy my single life.
A few weeks went by and I got a friend request on MySpace. (this is when it was totally awesome and cool) It was a guy that had a parrot on his shoulder.

He looked cute, and familiar, but I didn’t accept request from people I didn’t actually know. So, I thought I’d stalk him a bit and see what he was like – because I mean, he was totally cute and maybe he could actually be normal and…..well you get where I’m headed with this.
Here I am stalking his MySpace page and I see that he worked at the Toyota dealership! He was “that guy”! He had similar interests as me, he went to a CHRISTIAN college, and he wasn’t “trashy” from what I could see. He even wrote me a message – I don’t remember what was in it exactly because apparently MySpace deleted it! {i really did just log into my old account – ha ha} But I remember it was along the lines of – “hey, i’m the guy from the toyota dealership that helped you with your car. if you ever want to get together with kyle and i – you can bring some friends and we’ll all hang out”. Jesse had read one of my little blog posts about the “cute toyota boy” aka “kyle” and thought this was a clever way to weasel himself into getting to know me.
After reading lots on his page I decided to ‘add’ him as a friend. I even took down his AIM name and added it to my list. Sure enough he was online. I decided to have some guts and send him an IM and see what happens. He wrote back.
We talked for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS! Seriously, we would talk until 4am! Talking till those hours is NOT good for a person who taught 3rd graders in a charter school! The chatting online went on for weeks. Then the time came when Jesse asked me to ‘hang out’. His best friend was in town and we decided for us to get together and I would bring one of my friends.
We showed up at T.G.I.F. for dinner, I saw by Jesse – and our friends sat across from us. Here is a little recap of how the night went:
Jesse: super quiet, hating life, makes his hand in the shape of a gun pretending to shoot himself to his friend across from him, thinking my friend was way more entertaining than me.
Me: going on and on and on about how midwest girls are way too nice and need to buck up, making myself look like a total snob, and thinking jesse’s friend was way more entertaining than jesse.

When we left the restaurant:
Jesse: “I will NEVER talk to that girl again.”
Michelle: “Eeeh, he was okay, pretty sure we’d only be friends.”

After this little get together was the first time we didn’t talk to each other on IM.
The “not talking” lasted for 4 days.

Then I gave in and sent him a message.

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Love Story Pt. 2

If you missed our Love Story Pt. 1 click here.

So, here I was trying to buy my NEW car! I was up at the dealership at least once a week for about a month. I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to settle. The “cute toyota boy” was probably getting pretty irritated with me, probably even thinking I was quite spoiled. Oh well. After a few weeks, they finally found what I wanted! They had to get it from Michigan, but I didn’t care!!
During this time, when I would come in and look at details ect, I noticed this one guy always around. He was cute but I didn’t really pay attention. (i have that problem sometimes) Well, the end of November came and I finally got the keys to my new ride! I was so excited. One problem – they didn’t have the auto-dimming mirror in the car like I had demanded. So, we just made an appointment with their service department for the next week so they could put it in. Yippee!
I take my car in and look for “cute toyota boy”, but he was nowhere to be found. Another guy walked up to me instead and asked if I needed some help. I explain to him the situation and he said he’d be happy to help. Since I’d be leaving my car there I needed a rental until mine was done. Let’s just say I was “less than helpful” when this new guy asked what kind of car I wanted to use. I ended up getting cute white car to cruise around in while mine was being done up.
When I left the dealership, I said to my friend that was with me, “Ooooh, he was really cute wasn’t he?!”

That “new guy” ended up being Jesse.

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